English editions

Information about the Dutch healthcare system is not only relevant to those speaking Dutch.

This information is important to foreign students, immigrants, expats and foreign business relations that directly or indirectly work with healthcare in The Netherlands. The Platform This Is How Dutch Healthcare Works, publishes information in English about healthcare in The Netherlands. Both in the form of a book, as well as a compact guide that paints a concise and clear picture of the most important aspects of the Dutch healthcare system.

The Quick Guide to Dutch Healthcare provides English information on the basics of the Dutch Healthcare system. The Guide gives a concise overview through clear visualizations and brief explanations. Topics range from the principles behind the system to the key players, laws and regulations, as well as facts and figures on employment in the healthcare sector and average life expectancy in The Netherlands.

This is How Dutch Healthcare Works is the English translation of our bestseller ‘Zó werkt de zorg in Nederland‘, a book that describes in layman’s terms how the Dutch healthcare system is organised.

“This illustrative book provides a good insight for those who are interested in the Dutch healthcare system.”

Edith Schippers, former Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport